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Cambiata Choir

Thrown by the changes in their voices, boys entering their teenage years are often reluctant to sing. Cambiata means emerging voice and this project is all about showing young men the potential of their voices at this point in their lives.

Led by singing expert Angela Renshaw, the project will establish local singing ‘hubs’ in Penryn, Callington, St Ives, Newquay and Bodmin. In  2012-2013 young men from the age of 13 to 25 can gather to sing and perform, supported by local and national expert singing leaders. The project is breaking new ground by involving composers and arrangers to create a bespoke repertoire for the cambiata voice.

The project has many national links and the first performance of the Cambiata Choir was in April when they sang with the Cornwall Boys Choir at the Royal Albert Hall, London. The occasion was hosted by the National Youth Choir of Great Britain. 1500 young people from across the country were involved but the Cornish choir was the sole choir to perform on their own.

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Funding from FEAST to work with the above group of boys. Approx year 8 through to 6th form and beyond from Jan 2012 to April 2013

The project has 4 basic aims:

  1. To encourage boys within the Cambiata and emerging voice groups to sing in locally based groups across the whole county.
  2. To create new songs and arrange songs specifically for this vocal group.
  3. To create a high quality group of approx 30 male singers from across all groups who will work and rehearse together. They will also receive some vocal leadership skills enabling them to work with the other boys.
  4. To connect with other projects nationally

The groups will meet in local ‘HUBS’

HUBS will meet twice every HT for sessions lasting approx 2- 2.5 hours.

The 30+ group will meet on other occasions as well

A management group made up of teachers and singing leaders will oversee the planning, repertoire development, HUB organisation etc and meet regularly.